February 23, 2007

Today Judge Peter J. Corrigan Ruled in Our favor

Case # CV 590463

This is a tremendous WIN for ALL municipal employees
in the State of Ohio!
Media Release
Cleveland Lodge #8

Many people across the state have been anxiously awaiting
ruling regarding Residency here in Cuyahoga County.
Today at 3:00 PM
Judge Peter J. Corrigan filed his ruling.

In his ruling he concludes

Having considered and rejected all the City's arguments,
this Court grants summary judgement in favor of the State
and safety forces and denies summary judgement in favor
of the City.  In so ruling, this court specifically determines
that R.C. 9.481 was lawfully enacted by the General
Assembly to provide for the general welfare of employees
of Ohio's political subdivisions and is a matter of statewide
concern.  Section 34, Article II of the Ohio Constitution is
the controlling constitution provision, and conflicting local
laws passed pursuant to the city's home rule power found
in Section 3, Article XVIII must succumb to state law.  R.C.
9.481 is constitutional and is upheld.

This is great news and another step closer to the end!

However, Our advice to members seeking to relocate is still
the same.  Wait until a definitive ruling from the Supreme
Court before you move and put your career at risk.