The Executive Board and Members of Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #8
recognize William D. Gallagher for his many years of dedicated service and
untiring efforts to help the members and families of the Lodge.

Therefore by unanimous vote and acclaim;
The honorary title of

Past President Emeritus

is bestowed upon

William D. Gallagher

This Fourth day of December, the year of our Lord, 2003.

Service record:
Appointed on February 1, 1956
Delegate - 1960 to 1968
Financial Secretary - 1968 to 1975
Vice President - 1975 to 1977
President - 1977 to 1983
National Conductor - 1977 to 1979
District 7 Trustee - 1995 to 2003
FOP State of Ohio Member of the Year 2004
Lodge #8 Trustee - 1983 to 2011
OP&F Pension Board Trustee - 1999 to 2011
Thanks William D. Gallagher
Cleveland Lodge #8
William "Billy" Gallagher was a true friend and
mentor to many.
He will be missed by all police officers, active and
retired throughout the state.
FOP Ohio Member of the Year 2004
President DiMarco and Billy 2010
Lt. Governor Fisher and Billy 2010
I think both had their hands on their
Billy receives the coveted DiMarco
caricature art (State Conference 2010)
Just Billy
We'll miss
Emil - ever watchful 2004
Over the years